You have 3 days left…

…to find WanGuowei Wasp and solve RMB City Code mystery….

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Final Prize Ceremony next Monday May 31, 2010:

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RMB City Code Prize Ceremony

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RMB City at 17th Biennale of Sydney

May 12 – August 1, 2010

8. Cocktatoo Island 码头的banner

The 17th Biennale of Sydney takes place in different venues around Sydney Harbour, including: Cockatoo Island, Pier 2/3, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney Opera House, Royal Botanic Gardens and Artspace.

11. 基地组织的黑旗 1


Together with other 120 works form 56 different artists, RMB City is exhibited in Cockatoo Island, a former prison and shipyard imbued with historical reminiscences and suggestions.

17. 唯一的观众

18. 窄小的监房

photos@William Chan

For more info:

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To go Digital

The New Yorker

May 17, 2010

The New Yorker © 2010 Condé Nast Digital.

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Can you walk on the water?


What is this urge to challenge our natural and physical limitations?
A need of taming a way too scary and powerful nature?
The evolution of species?
Philosophy in its core meaning = ‘love of wisdom’?
An innate pulse for transgression, or an act of hubris against the God(s)?


An amazing video on ‘liquid mountaineering’ has been drawing the crowds in YouTube and made our hearts pound for a moment.

Through this new groundbreaking action sport, its pioneers claim to be able to actually run on the water, and as a proof of its authenticity they posted this video on YouTube where they actually run on the surface of a mountain lake.
The whole idea behind it is of course nothing but a very cunning advertising campaign promoting a new brand of waterproof sneakers.


run on the water_001

A smart move playing on the natural instinct to overcome our limits and become our own God, like Jesus in the Gospels or any common avatars in SL.

walk on the water_002

walk on the water_003

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New Upcoming Project: RMB City Cyber Nude


We invite you to take part in this new irreverent project and ask you to investigate your nakedness in SL.

Can you imagine this superb scene of many avatars flying naked over the city?

They laugh and dance, exhibiting their boldly huge breasts and deformed long tails. Some of them are falling into pieces, or walking around as bare skeletons, some of them are even losing their human shapes and resemble more the clouds in the sky or a gentle symphony in the air.

We invite you to ‘get naked’ beyond your physical limitations and to reincarnate your avatar into a new form of higher freedom.

…stay tuned for more info…

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SL Poet Wanguowei still missing


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RMB City ‘sound’

rmbcity music

How does RMB City sound?

According to this funny website:, it sounds like a C-minor Robot dance…well, not bad guys, but try and ask China Tracy if she thinks of herself as a mere mechanical automaton!!

Joking apart, check the website: it’s fun!


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Circumstances beyond one’s control

SL grid


Due to some maintenance works of their server, ‘motherland SL’ wasn’t accessible for a couple of days last week (

Disregarding the most serious side effect of it (not having access to my second life), I focused on the annoying consequences this caused to our job, that is to say, as you all probably know, that we couldn’t host the RMB City Code event scheduled for last Thursday.

To some extent I thought this SL need for ‘regeneration’ and maintenance was almost the equivalent of the recent volcano eruption in the real world.
The ‘organism’ needed to be rebalanced.
It showed its omnipotence over the petty occurrences of everyday life.
And, last but not least, it managed to mess up daily routines and work.

After a while, though, I started to realize that, despite work inconveniences, this problem had provoked a much scarier incident: I, BETTER SAY MY AVATAR, WASN’T ALIVE…well, at least she wasn’t there, in the usual Second world where she used to live.
Did she get stuck in a grey zone?
Was she in a momentary virtual coma?
Would she ever come back to life again?
I was petrified and I followed the course of events with my heart in my mouth….’till I finally LOGGED IN and ‘we’ could sigh with relief.

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Gianna whistle_001 2

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