“Are you a lucky artist”?


Whether represented by a veiled and blind Goddess, a four-leaf clover or a Wheel of Fortune, LUCK has obsessed and influenced people’s life since very remote times. Adapting Pascal’s wager on the existence of God to this more profane matter, you’d better believe in luck, and most of all never ever underrate bad luck, ‘cause that’s when your nice and sweet goddess turns into a monstrous gorgon, your precious clover turns out to be a mere Irish shamrock (no offence intended to St.Patrick!) and Fortune ‘overwhelms you with grief beyond bearing’ (Boethius, Consolation of Philosophy)!!!
What is Luck? How would you represent it? And most of all, do you consider yourself a ‘lucky artist’? these are the main questions asked to more than a hundred artists in a new publication by Fondazione Fotografia di Modena, Italy, on the occasion of the tenth edition of the city Philosophy Festival.
Artists responded in many different ways:

IMG_0003 2



some even refused to send their contribution ‘to avoid bad luck’


This is Cao Fei’s answer:


Skira Publishing House, 2010

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