Love Letter from Mian Mian: Man Michinaga


“He and she, are, like a mirror encountering another mirror

The time being with her is a treasure of his life

She is happy when being with him

The numerous memories between the two of them make her life a bliss”

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Blog — Nokan Vlodovic, November 26, 2008 @ 2:37 am

Love Letter from Mian Mian: Yu Nootan

“this morning when i wake up
i read your name, three times
it was so clear, so simple, so easy…
thats the way you stay at my mouth.”

Blog — Nokan Vlodovic, November 25, 2008 @ 9:36 pm

Love Letter from Mian Mian: Tzay Back


Blog — Nokan Vlodovic, @ 9:33 pm

Love Letter from Mian Mian: Freeway Mayo

“You don’t own me,
I’m not just one of your many toys
You don’t own me,
don’t say I can’t go with other boys”

Blog — Nokan Vlodovic, @ 9:28 pm

Love Letter from Mian Mian:Tsukasa Thei

“sex is just some wonderful drops
after a long dark day…”

Blog — Nokan Vlodovic, @ 9:27 pm

Love Letter from Mian Mian: Iris Ophelia

“I am not happy and I will not smile because life is hell when you are unhappy. I realise I have done to much damage to you in the past few days… I can totaly understand you when you say that you dont want to see me and I promise to leave you alone!!!
I have made many mistakes in my life but I have never been so depressed as this time…
It is sad what has happened between us and I realise now that my heart is more broken because I love you… not like a friend but like my true soulmate lover… I want you to believe me when I say that and I dont care if you dont love me anymore… I will always carry you in my heart…
Please dont stay away from me too long… this would destroy me and I could not live with that.
I am very very tired and will sleep now…”

Blog — Nokan Vlodovic, @ 9:17 pm

RMB in the News: Urbane

Architecture and Lifestyle magazine Urbane gives a short blurb about the RMB City in their recent issue.
To read the whole article, click here

Blog — Nokan Vlodovic, November 19, 2008 @ 1:11 am

Virtual Real Estate, Urbane

Virtual Real Estate

Urbane, November 15th, 2008

by Madeleine O’Dea

Artist Cao Fei’s ambition to build a virtual city in the online world of Second Life is taking shape. Second Life is a virtual world where hundreds of thousands of netizens live out their dreams behind avatars of their own creation. Cao Fei plans to devote the next two years to the project, during which she hopes her RMB City will become home to a range of artists and cultural institutions. She is inviting them to buy space in her city, to build venues and hold events and activities there. Some units of RMB city real estate have already been sold, while others are on reserve. Two collectors confirmed to be moving in are the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing, which will have a virtual center in the People’s Aerial Castle, and also art collector Uli Sigg, whose People’s Palace will be the RMB City Hall. The Financial Times has reported that prices ranging from USD 80,000 to 200,000 are being paid for space in the city, but those figures cannot be confirmed. Follow progress at

Press — Nokan Vlodovic, @ 12:57 am

RMB in the News: NWN on Mian Mian’s Love Letter project

James Au, the Second Life expert and RMB City’s good old friend, just posted a blog post on RMB ‘s Mian Mian project: “Love Letter to an Avatar”. James Au described Mian Mian as “Shanghai’s literary bad girl”, as her books have been banned by the Chinese government since 2000. The Second Life first-hand reporter also talked to the controversial writer on the love letter project, to read their conversation, see here

Blog — Nokan Vlodovic, November 18, 2008 @ 3:14 am

A sneak peek into RMB’s newsletter

People’s Monthly – RMB City’s newsletter which contains all RMB-City-related statistics, interviews and articles – is going to be launched in January 2009. For those who want to know about this exciting publication, we offer a little preview of the newsletter – a flyer that is available in the Shop in Jian Wai Soho – for them to get a glimpse of this coming-soon RMB City production.

Blog — Nokan Vlodovic, November 15, 2008 @ 12:55 am

RMB corner at the Shop

The RMB City team is excited to see the RMB City corner at the Shop – a new space run by Vitamin Creative Space founded by Hu Fang and Zhang Wei.

At the Shop’s opening (Nov 8th, 2008), among different works by artists including Huang He, Chu Yun and Duan Jianyu (and of course Yan Jun’s mantra-humming-esque work), one piece that drew people’s attention was the four videos of RMB City by Cao Fei (aka China Tracy), juxtaposed with spades and safety helmets with RMB City logos. The physical form of these construction tools , materialized the intrusion by the imagination of Cao Fei into the reality and also the minds of the viewers. The overlapping of reality and cyberspace in the RMB City corner demonstrates an interesting process of symbolic exchanges between the reality and virtual space. The set of symbols that is external to the virtual world is a Big Other which allows and also restrict the viewers of the RMB City, wherein they can immerse in its virtuality with a “distance (that) is rather a positive condition of immersion” (“The Cyber Space Real”, Slavoj Zizek).

With expected updates, this RMB City corner will become an information center for people who are interested in RMB City/ Second Life. Not only does the corner offer a ride to the virtual experience to these people, but also act as a crack which allows the virtual realm filled with Chinese icons.

Blog — Nokan Vlodovic, @ 12:36 am
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