How a RMB City member spend the workday

RMB City archive editor compared the data from one of the computer in the RMB City workday before and after the National day. In the late Sep and early Oct, you can see that in daily work, the visual software and the word processors are the major applications occupying member’s work.

At October 5-6, Communication was prior than System Utilities at August 28-30, even though Categories of Business/Design were the same top 2. Following were the similar categories like Reference/Personal Productivity/Fun.

Then when comparing the applications and sites, the former one were similar, Word or Excel, Photoshop or Illustrator/ Powerpoint, Finder was always open. The latter one varied a lot.

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RMB City Key Metrics II



Step 2.

Then we compare this 4 Sims in Sep 28th 2008,with some basic statistics.

Page_01, 02 

We can found that the 4 Sims have similar speed with SecondLife. However, as the content varied, the Sims had different data, according to issues like active objects, active scripts, packets In and Packets out. Apparently, the RMB 1 (Sim 1) had more objects, while RMB 4 (Sim 4) used many scripts than others.



And the Sim map seens the same, comparing the snapshot between Aug 8th and Sep 28th


Besides, the 8 perspective views(North, South, East, West, Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, Southeast) of RMB City 4 Sims had dramatic changes due to the snapshot of Aug 22nd and Sep 28th


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RMB City Key Metrics I

RMB City Key Metrics dating from August 1st to Oct 1st,, mainly used the data of statistic bar (ctrl+shift+1) in Second Life. For RMB City ground breaking was in 14th July, Preview Center opening was in 25th July, we can not record the change of them. However, the Olympic opening and Worksite opening were involved. 


Step 1.
In this article, we took RMB City 1(Sim 1) as a sample to see the process in RMB City construction.

Page_01: Displayed BASIC information about the Second Life performance

01) FPS: A frame rate between 15-30 frames per second (FPS) is about as smooth as broadcast television. Luckily, the sample statistics of RMB City were frequently over 20fps, and always stay around 30-40fps.

02) Bandwidth:  How much data is being transferred between your computer and the Second Life world. This number varied a lot in RMB City 1, varying between 14kpbs to 289kpbs.

03) Ping Sim:  How long it takes data to go from your computer to the region you’re currently in. Even though there were waves within 2 months, the data mostly kept around230msec-290msec.


Page_02: Displayed ADVANCED information of nitty-gritty details about your Second Life performance. Most of these details are less useful than BASIC or SIMULATOR.

01) KTris Drawn: (per frame) Computer-generated 3D objects are built out of triangles (the basic geometric shape). This is a count of the number of triangles, or “tris”, in each frame of the current scene.

02) KTris Drawn: (per second) This is a count of the number of triangles (“tris”) drawn every second.

03) Total Objects: The number of objects currently in view



























01) Page_04: The following are the different times listed in the SIMULATOR/Time (ms) submenu of the statistics pane:

02) Total Frame Time: This measures how much time it takes the region to run everything that the region is trying to do each frame. RMB City was healthy, lower than 22, everything was running as fast as it can, and more scripts can be added without reducing the performance of individual scripts.

03) Net Time: The amount of time spent responding to incoming network data.

04) Sim Time (Physics): The amount of time that frame spent running physics simulation.

05) Sim Time (Other): The amount of time that frame spent running other simulation (agent movement, weather simulation, etc.)

06) Agent Time: The amount of time spent updating and transmitting object data to the agents.

07) Images Time: The amount of time spent updating and transmitting image data to the agents.

08) Script Time: The amount of time spent running scripts.


Page_03: Displays statistics for the SIMULATOR you’re currently in.

01) Time Dilation: The physics simulation rate relative to real-time. 1.0 means that the region is running at full speed, 0.5 means that physics is running at half-speed.

02) Sim FPS: The region frame rate. This should always be the same as the physics frame rate – 45.0 when things are running well. RMB City 1 was always in 45fps.

03) Physics FPS: The frame rate that the physics engine is running at. This should normally be at or near 45.0.

04) Agent Updates/Sec: The rate at which agents on this region are being updated. Normally 20 updates a second, this will decrease if the region has a large number of agents on it.

05) Main Agents: The number of agents (users, avatars) who are on this region.

06) Child Agents: The number of agents who are not on this region, but can see it.

07) Objects: The total number of objects/primitives on the region

08) Active Objects: The number of moving and/or changing objects on the region.

09) Active Scripts: The number of running scripts that are currently on the region, including scripts attached to agents.

10) Script Perf: Number of LSL opcodes being executed a second by the region. Note that this is the number of ACTUAL instructions executed in the last second, not the theoretical maximum opcodes/second. If your region is not running very many scripts, this number will be low even if performance is good.

11) Packets In: UDP packets being received by the region

12) Packets Out: UDP packets being sent by the region




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RMB City Survey


We will appreciate if you can write down your commets,reply on RMB City worksite,or write here directly .


1. What would you like to experience in Second Life?

2. What do you think are the possiblities of RMB City?


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The Laws of Synthetic worlds



“Man is made of God’s plaything, and that is the best part of him. Therefore every man and woman should live life accordingly, and play the noblest games….Life must be lived as play, playing certain games, making sacrefices, singing and dancing.” Plato, The Laws.

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Who is the fake Miss Avatar in the arena?

Is RMB City an arena for it’s members?

One of your friends was unfortunately died, but you suddenly found that she used another people’s name, education background, even her body. Keep chasing the truth, you finally unveiled the killer was ……

Does it sound like a detective story, as well as a Hollywood film?

In real world, Tracy Spaight, an experienced American game designer, declared such an interesting story. In his work with a virtual film, he found an identical virtual world case–a LegendMUD game Player, named Karyn, was killed instantly in a car accident. As a commercial group leader,  Karyn not only gained respect from players (they built ‘The Garden of Remembrance’ for her in LegendMUD), but also received griefs from other virtual lands. Even Raph Koster, administrators and designers of many 3D games, wrote a well eulogy “A Story about a Tree”, praising her contribution and friendship to the virtual space.

If the story stopped at the phrase, anyone can imagine what Tracy just would talk was mainly the effect that virtual world acted in real world, or how permanent death made forever logout of avatar, or Karyn’s mine stone in the consciousness of the online community.

But it did not, plot went on.  Tracy found that rarely any first life materials, such as picture, college, car accident, can match up with her second life: she may possible be a Norwegian, but she may also possible be a man, to be anyone. More seriously, he finally concluded that, Karyn killed herself, just the way she gave birth to herself, through fabrication.

Now the issue diverted it’s direction, for this “virtual” have a deeper definition. So how to deal with the loop, “virtual” virtual?

In Raph’s words, it’s nothing matter whether virtual is fake or not, the players and their social bonds give a live to the virtual world, just like the little boy make his toy real, LegendMUD players believed fake Karyn. Simply put, the real exist in people’s head, and this “real” will work in first life.

But there is still one question I can not find answer in Tracy, that is why Karyn need to give avatar a perfect retreat, using real death news to cease her virtual life? She can just simply quit without clue, uninstall the game software, turn off the computer like most people do, for no third-party as police or game controller will release Karyn’s real status.

Did she too dear her avatar to leave, did she regard virtual world as a arena? We can not get the real reason until Karyn tells us. But if we suppose RMB City is really a arena, then Karyn is quite welcome inside as a professional actor.


Related info:

article:  Who killed Miss Norway?

book: Alter ego

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“Play With Your Triennale”

It’s very exciting that the Yokohama Triennale featuring RMB City will have its grand opening tomorrow. Please see the following announcement and postcard, and visit the Yokohama Triennale in SecondLife now!

“Play With Your Triennale”

Cao Fei (SL: China Tracy) and RMB City at Yokohama Triennale

September 13-November 30, 2008 (Vernissage: 12 September)

Preview Day Yokohama Time: Sep 12th 10am-8pm ;Official Opening Party : Sep 12th 6pm-8pm .

Preview Day SL Time:Sep 11th, 6 pm-4 am ;the Official Opening Party : Sep 12th, 2 am-4 am.

During the Yokohama Triennale, RMB City will be used to realize the dream projects of the general public. In “Play With Your Triennale”, anyone and everyone is invited to submit an artistic project, and selected entries will be realized in the People’s Worksite during the Triennale period, along with a series of special events.

In keeping with the border-crossing spirit of RMB City, anyone worldwide can become an artist in the Triennale by contributing ideas, and also audiences anywhere can visit this virtual slice of the exhibition at any time.

Seeing through the video and timeline of RMB City, you may possible get more idea of what artist Cao Fei dedicates to build. Hope to see you in Yokohama.: )

Send your ideas by email to: (Subject: Yokohama Dream Proposal) before 10th, Oct. 2008 for possible realization in RMB City

Press inquiries:

For more information:

Landmark in Second Life: RMB City: People’s Worksite, RMB City 1 (221, 196, 21)

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Publication_In-World Travel Guide


In RMB City Library, there is such a practical book that I can easily read and search in hand. This book, wrote by Sean Percival(avatar Sean Voss) in December 2007, called Second Life In-World Travel Guide, gives me a rounded view of SL, ranging from Virtual Bootcamp, Top Destinations, Shopping, Enertainment, Education, Real Life in SL, Adults Only,to Where to live.

“After more than a year of extensive research and countless conversations with some amazing residents, I have collected some of the best destinations the mataverse has to offer”



For another experience of this book ,the author offer the following approaches:

Landmark island (110,120,488) /  Official Website  / Read online

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