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Digital Guqin


This upcoming event looks quite interesting – a mixed-reality event during a music conference in Taiwan that features a tour of a digital Guqin (traditional Chinese instrument) museum in Second Life.

SL: Swann Jie is involved; RMB Citizens may remember her from her participation in Mian Mian’s “Love Letter to an Avatar” project.

It seems like some part of the digital space is up already?

More information here – maybe we’ll carpool from RMB City to check it out?

Virtual World @Taiwan guqin conf 『古 琴、音 樂 美 學 與 人 文 精 神 』 」 跨 領 域 、跨 文 化 」國 際 學術 研 討 會, 2009, April 25th 14h30-16h30; rl music :: Chine-France

A tour of the Digital Guqin Museum will be presented infront of real life Master guqin players and scholars from around the world at “Intercultural International Conference on Guqin, Aesthetics and Humanism, 『古 琴、音 樂 美學 與 人 文 精 神 』 」 跨 領 域 、跨 文 化 」國 際 學 術 研 討 會”, TaiChung, Taiwan. DGM live demo and tour, April 24-25, 14h30-16h30, 2009

Swannjie will be sent to do the live demo and maybe with a special guest doing live performance. The time will be from 14h30 to 16h30 Taiwan time, April 25th 2009.

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Filthy Fluno, Facilitated

The New York Times has previously covered RMB City (“Flying Avatars Admire the Artwork,” Mar 12, 2008), but a few weeks back, they published another foray into the strange territory where “Second Life” and “art” overlap.

In “Portrait of an Artist as an Avatar,” writer Sara Corbett profiles Filthy Fluno (RL: Jeff Lipsky), a painter who uses Second Life to sell his Real Life canvases. The article is admirable for its depth of research into its subject, and for sketching out a picture of how at least some SL art could work in a somewhat traditional “commercial” model.


I was curious to learn more about the avatar Filthy Fluno, but was unfortunately a bit disappointed with the conventional style of most of his paintings. However, in his SIM/museum I did spot something of particular, funny interest to me — there is a sign prominently announcing that one sculpture/mannequin was “Facilitated by Taralyn Gravois”. The only other place I’ve seen that Facilitator role; besides our own city, which lists its beloved Mayor UliSigg Cisse as a Facilitator…


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My blue skin


记得刚开始注册Second Life的时候,拿着有限的Linden Dollar 当然马上走去装身,Second Life 里面的成衣店非常多,但是我走访了近30家店,都找不到我想要的东西:一个能面(能乐演员的面具)和淡蓝色的皮肤( 穿什么衣服倒是其次)。在Second Life 里面, 皮肤如衣服,可以换。


以前曾经设想过做一个“造神系列”的项目,把不同的神的特征套在人的身上。Guy Ernest Dobord说基督教里神所应许的天家比地上的国更为重要,是一个“符号胜过实物、副本胜过原本、表象胜过现实、现象胜过本质”的好例子。所以把不少神的视觉形象/物质性抽出来,再强加在脆弱,最“肉”的人身上,是反其道而行了。不少神灵在历史上本来就是人,通过这个实验,希望可以通过刻画人-神-人这个圆,将历史的断层-叙述的剧变-做个切片检查。

在神的选择方面,除了黄大仙,天照大神等等,Krishna当然也是我心水,开始时考虑是否可以通过跟液体银的长期接触, 造成银中毒,再把左手臂变蓝(科学达人不要笑我),最后发现失败。听说美国一老人以服用液体/胶质银补身,导致全身变成灰蓝色-这是个不可逆转的生理变化。这样啊,唯有在Second Life暂时过过瘾。。。我去过SL几家有皮肤贩卖的商店,在选购过程中惊异于Second Life里面人们对皮肤想像力的缺乏,看来看去都是跟现实的黑白黄人种翻版,也有别的如红蓝绿,但是不属于主流选择。后来别人送了我这个不特别出色的蓝,看来最好自己开发个特别的蓝色,然后注册,好像克莱恩那样。以后你要用,需要问过我,哈哈。

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Hear What the Mayor Says


RMB City interviewded its first mayor UliSigg Cisse, see what the mayor and also RMB City’s facilitator say about RMB City and being a mayor of it….

1.Why are you interested in RMB City? What attracts you about it?

Because I will learn. New concept, new technology, breaking new ground for old boring questions like what is the piece, where does it start, where does it end, what is an exhibition, what is a collectible item. Pushing the limits is my game. And I am the facilitator…. And besides I really like to work with Cao Fei and Zhang Wei: they are mostly fearless people.

2. Why did you decide to collect this particular virtual building (“People’s Palace”)? What does it mean to you?

If I collect I have to think big. It is the heart.

3. What ‘s the differences between this piece and other pieces in your contemporary art collection? Does it have a special meaning or function in your Chinese art collection system?

It is meant to extend the scope of my collection into new space – virtual and real at the same time, collecting a process, bits, and real pieces. If it will not [extend the scope], and if it will not make me sweat, I will be upset. Actually I perceive myself more a researcher who is just fortunate to have means to acquire some results of his research.

4. RMB City is an open project, full of possibilities and creativity. It welcomes the active involvement of art institutions and collectors. Are you planning to be involved in this project, and if so, how?

I already am. I am the Facilitator. Nobody knows what that means, it is so virtual, that we really like it… I am giving some ideas and some support to make it possible, that’s all.

5. How do you feel that the building you collected is going to serve as the RMB City Hall? As the City Hall of a virtual city, what function do you think it should have?

I like this idea even though it limits my own possibilities with my building. Which functions? A parking lot, an avatar-bar to get drunk in and envision new worlds, a mailbox to drop these visions… No hierarchy, no rules.

6. If you serve as the mayor of RMB City, how will you preside over the city’s development direction?

I would certainly look like an excellent mayor, but I am born lazy. And the first thing I would have to introduce is hierarchy and rules: eliminate enemies threatening RMB City. Define cultural values, determine bad artists and bad art, avoid central government intervention, deflect Linden-$ crisis. Of course, also open up borders, go green and elect RMB super girl. Attract the best avatarminds. Do many competitions! These are any mayor’s secrets.

7. What do you think is the relationship between this virtual city and contemporary Chinese cities?

Maybe none – but maybe we will be surprised and RMB City will be a role model. It will very much depend on the artist, the people collecting the buildings, and visitors. Will they still maintain their limitations ingrained by lifelong reality? Will they be able to think without boundaries? Then something new and useful for real Chinese cities may arise.

8. What is your concept of a Utopian city?

sinoswisszurichbeijing – situated in the alps but with Chinese food, and no avatar with more than one vote – that would leave nothing to be desired.

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Matching Games: Who is China Tracy?

Last time we already revealed that China Tracy that showed up at the “marathon-dialogue” that take place in RMB City, was actually five people who are:

Hu Fang (SL: HuFang Scribe, creative advisor to RMB City),
Uli Sigg (SL: UliSigg Cisse, 1st Mayor of RMB City),
Alan Lau (friend of RMB City, may hold “high office” in RMB City soon…),
Mian Mian (SL: MianMian Sorbet, writer and artist of the “Love Letter to an Avatar” project),
Huang He (SL: queenshoe Voom, aka “Master Q,” RMB City’s own Feng Shui Master).

Let’s try to match the following texts which are the transcripts of the Marathon discourse on March 20, 2009 (the day of RMB’s installation in Serpentin Gallery) with the above-metioned people who played the role China Tracy on that day.
(Note: all the lines said by “You” are actually spoken by China Tracy)

[3:16] You: what you have seen here is part of the outcome after the opening of RMB City
[3:16] Hansulrichobrist Magic: as Dieter Roth said EVERYTHING the magazine of everything
[3:16] You: there have been different kind of cultural activities which are shaping the new life in rmb city

[3:19] You: daily life becomes the way that revolution exists
[3:19] Hansulrichobrist Magic: Lyotard did les Immateriaux after that he wanted to do a show on Resistance it remained unrealised
[3:19] Hansulrichobrist Magic: RESISTANCE IN SECOND LIFE
[3:19] JuliaPeytonJones Popstar: Revolve daily life
[3:20] Hansulrichobrist Magic: can Second Life be Resistance?
[3:20] You: for a revolutionary means of transport, do you want to try to fly?

3:25] Hansulrichobrist Magic: China Tracy are we a community
[3:26] Hansulrichobrist Magic: production of communicy
[3:26] Hansulrichobrist Magic: community production reality production
[3:26] Hansulrichobrist Magic: China Tracy did your identity change
[3:26] You: Don’t do things that I would not do
[3:26] Hansulrichobrist Magic: What does freedom mean
[4:04] Hansulrichobrist Magic: what is knowledge
[4:04] You: fabricated experience.
[4:04] Hansulrichobrist Magic: is RMB City art for all?
[4:05] You: it seems like it is…
[4:05] Hansulrichobrist Magic: what is RMB Citys relaton to the market?
[4:05] Hansulrichobrist Magic: it feels urgent that we have decommodified institutions
[4:05] Hansulrichobrist Magic: can RMB City be a decommodified CITY
[4:05] You: it doesn’t seem like it makes a lot of money..

3:55] You: we are chinese, we don’t talk about political things — we just do it.
[3:56] Hansulrichobrist Magic: anything else you would like to say
[3:56] Hansulrichobrist Magic: where is criticality to be found today

[3:56] Hansulrichobrist Magic: Warhol or Beuys?
[3:56] You: To marry Hans Ulrich!
[3:56] Steve Memotech is Online
[3:56] You: marry to Hans Ulrich in 3rd live
[3:57] You: life

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Robot in SL


Video link:How to use your Robot in SL

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China Tracy @ Modern Weekly


China Tracy (RL: Cao Fei)has just finished a photo shoot for Modern Weekly. In these photos, China Tracy are wrapped by virtual outfits inspired by great fashion brands including Viktor & Rolf and Alexander McQueen.

VIKTOR & ROLF SPRING SUMMER 2009 fashion reference: Hussein Chalayan and Viktor & Rolf

Before the virtual ourfits were made, the data of China Tracy’s body figure was sent to Sine Wave, a Second Life builder who would make the virtual outfits that would be later fitted on China Tracy. It does sound more or less like the process of having your suit tailor-made, but think about when texture is eliminated from fashion, what is the fashion? How is the our hunger for feeling – that is functioned with your skin – going to be solved? Is that just like what Roland Barthes exchanges between signs and fashion…on a flat computer screen?









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RMB City “Interview Marathon” in Real Life, Serpentine Gallery


Hans Ulrich Obrist (SL: HansUlrichObrist Magic) and Julia Peyton-Jones (SL: JuliaPeytonJones Popstar), photographed hard at work interviewing China Tracy (RL: ?) during the RMB City Interview Marathon on Friday, March 20. Here they are in the new RMB City installation in Serpentine Gallery, in Real Life. If only we could sip HansUlrichObrist Magic’s coffee via wireless virtual worlds, I wonder what it would taste like?


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New Value from our Mayor!

It’s a glorious occasion whenever Mayor UliSigg Cisse contributes a new value to RMB City – his latest is:


“In all endeavors, search for the quantum leap!”

Please take this to heart, dear RMB Citizens – we hope to all be quantum-leaping soon. Also, don’t forget to add your own “citizen values” in the comments, or by emailing to:…

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Will the real China Tracy please stand up?


For the experimental Interview Marathon in RMB City on March 20, the avatar of China Tracy jogged, walked, and flew alongside HansUlrichObrist Magic and JuliaPeytonJones Popstar… but who was China Tracy, really? It’s finally time to reveal the truth.

The original interview concept:

To fully utilize the possibilities of an interview in Second Life, and to touch on the issues of virtual representation vs. reality that RMB City project seeks to explore, the concept is a sort of “Interview Marathon” — or rather a “relay race”. The avatars HansUlrichObrist Magic and JuliaPeytonJones Popstar will be chatting with the avatar China Tracy, but who knows who is really behind the keyboard? For this event, China Tracy will temporarily become “the People’s Avatar”, a psychic medium channeling multiple voices and visions. In the space of 1 hour, several participants will be “playing” China Tracy (the full list will be revealed after the performance), passing the digital mask of her avatar on just as an Olympic Torch is passed from one runner’s hand to the next. The resulting dialogue may form a sort of exquisite corpse, with China Tracy the literal (virtual?) body, and challenge conceptions of identity, performance, and narrative. The event will be documented as an episode of RMB-TV, a new conceptual platform to examine RMB City as theatrical stage. In a world where nothing is real, isn’t everyone an imposter?

So, without further ado, the speakers channeled by China Tracy’s avatar were…

Hu Fang (SL: HuFang Scribe, creative advisor to RMB City)
Uli Sigg (SL: UliSigg Cisse, 1st Mayor of RMB City)
Alan Lau (friend of RMB City, may hold “high office” in RMB City soon…)
Mian Mian (SL: MianMian Sorbet, writer and artist of the “Love Letter to an Avatar” project)
Huang He (SL: queenshoe Voom, aka “Master Q,” RMB City’s own Feng Shui Master)

It was a bit of a crazy experience, juggling phones, keyboards, and timezones from Paris to Hong Kong, but in the end, an amazing interaction. Many many thanks to all the participants — it wouldn’t have been such a fantastic, surreal dialogue without you!

Full interview transcript coming soon…

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No Sweat! The marathon at RMB City


(RMB City News) Yeatserday (March 20), as a special SL event for RMB City’s reinstallation in Serpentine Gallery, London, from 10am to 11am (London Time), China Tracy (RL: Cao Fei/ ???), JuliaPeytonJones Popstar (RL: Julia Peyton Jones )and HansUlrichObrist Magic (RL: Hans Ulrich Obrist ) had an interesting dialogue which took form of a marathon in RMB City.

The marathon started at the “Bird’s Nest” (People’s Park) and then China Tracy decided to bring the two marathon-ers to RMB City’s People’s Entertainment Television (yes, the CCTV hanging in the air), the event finally wrapped up at one of Huang He’s virtual feng shui devices – the Gourd of Wood, where three tree-shaped green beams appear when being activated by three people. China Tracy, JuliaPeytonJones Popsta and HansUlrichObrist Magic all enjoyed the “wood element qi” which brings kindness and peace.

RMB City team has extracted some inspiring discourse among the three yesterday.

[3:18] JuliaPeytonJones Popstar: Revolution is everything!
[3:19] China Tracy: infiltration is better
[3:19] JuliaPeytonJones Popstar: It’s part of the everyday here and always
[3:19] Hansulrichobrist Magic: Beuys said La Rivolutzione siamo noi We are the Revolution does China Tracy agree
[3:19] JuliaPeytonJones Popstar: Subversion
[3:19] JuliaPeytonJones Popstar: Subversion the best
[3:19] Hansulrichobrist Magic: or Resistance

[3:27] Hansulrichobrist Magic: what is a nano second on second life
[3:27] Hansulrichobrist Magic: nano second life
[3:27] Hansulrichobrist Magic: ever nano second ever life
[3:27] China Tracy: because that would represent a reduction of freedom


Want to learn more about what happened and what words bounced out at the verbal/virtual marathon ? Stay tuned to the RMB City blog

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Just revisited the site Odyssey (Odyssey 66, 225, 100) – “a simulator in Second Life dedicated to art and performance”, I again saw the crazy lump of different images which repeat themselves and overlap and collage with each other. There was one point that I could not even see myself (I mean, my avatar) in the dazzling colorful… thing. It maybe just another eyeblinding piece but also be a metaphor of the media world filled with explosions of information (visual, audio, textual…) and hyperreality.


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RMB City’s reinstallation at Serpentine Gallery!!

Opening Date: 20th March, 2009
Venue: (Real Life) Serpentine Gallery, Kensington Gardens, London
(Second Life)

Developed by Chinese artist Cao Fei and Vitamin Creative Space, RMB City is a utopia/ heterotopias constructed in the virtual platform “Second Life”. Through sampling and collaging various Chinese cities and exchanging symbols in the real and virtual worlds, RMB City attempts to build another reality, or crystal images that break away from simple dualisms between “virtual and real”, “East and West”…

RMB City just celebrated its official opening in January 2009 and will be reinstalled in Serpentine Gallery starting from 20th March 2009. Through videos and computer portals to RMB City, this reinstallation connects the virtual fantasia with the public space.

At 10-11am (London time), 20th March, China Tracy (RL: Cao Fei) will have a dialogue with Second Life avatars of Julia Peyton Jones and Hans Ulrich Obrist in People’s Park ( in RMB City. A mind-relay in the virtual realm is highly anticipated.

See you there.


For more info:

Visit RMB City:

Join Second Life:

Developer of RMB City: Cao Fei and Vitamin Creative Space
Facilitator: Uli Sigg
Public Presenter: Serpentine Gallery
Chief Engineer: Avatrian



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RMB shovels and helmets in The New York Times

the shop, located in a basement-level storefront of the Beijing CBD area was finally spotted by the New York Times. Our cute RMB shovels and helmets showed their faces ..

Link of the report:


 Here is the full report.



Store Review: The Shop in Beijing

Published: March 15, 2009

Is China’s red-hot contemporary art market finally cooling its jets? That hardly seems to matter if a seven-figure Yue Minjun or Zhang Xiaogang was never in your budget.

But for those whose predilection for experimental Chinese art has always exceeded the depths of their pocketbooks, there’s the Shop, which opened last November in the Jianwai SOHO office and retail complex in Beijing.

Not quite a store, not quite a gallery, not quite a think tank — yet somehow all of the above — the concept-heavy outlet is a project of Vitamin Creative Space, an alternative-art center founded in Guangzhou in 2002. Occupying a basement-level storefront and outfitted with blocky, tiled benches evoking a giant Tetris game, it was conceived as a “situation for understanding the relationship between art practice and daily practice,” said Hu Fang, who co-founded Vitamin with Zhang Wei, a fellow critic-curator.

What that means to the casual collector is a rotating selection of objects tied to Vitamin’s programs. So if you missed the curator Hans Ulrich Obrist’s New Year’s Eve “interview marathon” with the likes of the architect Ma Yansong and the artist Cao Fei, you could still buy the Zaha Hadid-esque fish tank that Mr. Ma brought for the event (25,000 yuan, about $3,570 at 7 yuan to the dollar) and shovels and signed helmets (1,500 yuan and 300 yuan), above, from the “ground-breaking” of Ms. Cao’s virtual RMB City project on

To be sure, it’s not standard gift-shop fare. But “while people might get confused,” Mr. Hu said, “we think they’ll get used to it and want to come back again.”

The Shop, B1-1503, Building 15, Jianwai SOHO, 39 East Third Ring Road, Chaoyang District; (86-10) 5900-4374;

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