Three layers (and more multiplying)…

It’s interesting to think about the difference between the different layers of:
– the real
– the virtual
– the fictional

If the virtual is a copy of the real – maybe the fictional is even more real, as it acknowledges the presence of its own “illusory” qualities.

It seems especially relevant to the next phase of RMB City – as an open city. How will these layers intertwine in the development to come?


(Note on this picture: taken yesterday morning, just past dawn, in RMB City – I like how the strange light seems to flatten the buildings and my body into one plane, a smoother cartoon version of RMB’s virtual “reality”, somehow more fully “fleshed out,” similar to Four Yip‘s portraits… this is how I imagine RMB City when I close my eyes)

Blog — Tags: , , — Miniature Tigerpaw, January 13, 2009 @ 3:20 am