Underwater communities, aesthetics of a “storm” and its practice in virtual worlds

Longtime friend of RMB City Zhang Anding (SL: Zafka Zimminy, formerly Zafka Ziemia) recently mentioned the upcoming “NO LAB in RMB City” project in his “Parallel Worlds” column for Urban China magazine. In his article, he discusses the issues of disaster and collective memory in virtual worlds, and also analyzes an underwater community in HiPiHi. Excerpt in Chinese and English below:

“The ability of 3D virtual world to manipulate time and space as a whole, far exceeding the 2D world. It provide a new meaning for the projection of human being’s collective memory  and the  collective cognitive.

Cao Fei’s Virtual New Orleans, mixed the logic of natural disaster and the logic of political and economic

together. Using such a way of public assembly, to re-awareness and reflect on the relatinonship between the environment and human behavior.” (Read the whole essay in the new issue of Urban China)



水下社区,风暴美学与虚拟世界再实践—-文  / 张安定(Zafka)



Blog — Ume Freiman, October 22, 2008 @ 11:42 pm

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