Unexpected ‘visitors’ in RMB City

While there are ‘limitations’ in RL, mostly they are invisible. You might sometimes want to ignore them or want to try and see if you can get away from them, and of course, you’ll ‘get caught’. Like i always wanted to skip classes when I was a student; that means I always had bad results from my classes.

In SL, limitations are limitations. If you are not permited to enter certain sims, you just can’t. There are actully red lines to tell you that. Right now most part of RMB City has not open to public yet, but we always have unexpected ‘intruders’ in the People’s Water Park and People’s Observation Wheel. As you can see from the snapshot, this area is high above the RMB City sims, and here, you don’t have the right to limit others from flying over it– though they cannot land.

Blog — Ume Freiman, October 23, 2008 @ 3:36 am

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