Love Letter to an Avatar: a special project by Mian Mian for RMB City

RMB City is pleased to announce a special project by acclaimed Chinese writer Mian Mian entitled “Love Letter to an Avatar.” From now until December 15th, anyone in Second Life can commission an original love letter from Mian Mian – all she needs is a photo of the recipient (in Second Life), and a payment (amount to be chosen by the buyer). However, the recipient of the love letter must be a stranger to Mian Mian in real life. See details below and commission your love letter today…

Mian Mian, one of the most celebrated and controversial Chinese writers of her generation, will write a love letter just for you…

To order, please send: 1) A portrait of the recipient (SL avatar photo, but needs to be a portrait). It does not have to be the one who orders, but should be of the individual who will finally read the letter. 2) The buyer can choose their own price (starting at $1 Linden), but must send the payment to RMBArtDealer Xue with their submission. Please include the following information in your notecard order: your own avatar name, the avatar name of the intended recipient/photo subject, your payment amount, and your email address.

When RMBArtDealer Xue receives the payment and photo, they will be passed on to Mian Mian. She will compose the letter within 1-3 days based on these materials, writing in both English and Chinese, or in Chinese (then translated to English or French), depending upon Mian Mian’s choice.

Buyers will have the right to use their letter freely until December 15, and if they wish to have permanent copyright of this letter afterward, they will need to negotiate with RMBArtDealer Xue. All portraits and letters will be displayed in RMB City, unless specified as confidential by the buyer.

Deadline: December 15, 2008. Contact for more information.

In Second Life: RMB City: People’s Worksite, RMB City 2 (221, 196, 21) City 2/221/196/21/

Guest Artist Bio: Mian Mian (Shanghai, China)

Mian Mian is a true icon of China’s alternative culture over the past decade. Starting from age 17, her writings helped spark international interest in contemporary Chinese literature, despite the fact that her novels were banned for their treatment of sensitive issues such as sex and drug use. Her best-known book “Candy” was an underground best-seller, and has become a classic work of youth literature in China. Mian Mian was also one of the first organizers of rock and electronic parties, and her works and life have had an influential impact on the generation of Chinese youth born in the 1970s and “80s. Her most recent books are “Panda Sex” and “On High Blue Tomorrows”.

Download press release here (PDF)

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