A letter back to Mianmian

Letters always connect people in some way.One of Mianmian’s love letter recipient decided to write back to Mian Mian and thank her directly for the letter..

Dear Mianmian,

Thank you for your letter which I enjoyed very much. It’s good to hear
from you.

How did you guess I was not where I was expected to be? And my eyes
never closed to sleep. Well, they closed once or thrice, but not for
rest. I’ve met a boy, a french boy, ten years younger than me. He’s
mature for his age, as I am young for mine. He is an incredible lover.
Funnily, we’ve both worked for the porn industry – he as a graphic
designer, me as an art director for a magazine. But music is how we
connected. We locked eyes at Strangeways – beneath spinning lights and
deep hearty bass – he was cold and needed a blanket. I warmed him from
his toes to his belly to his mouth. He wrapped his scarf around my
neck and pulled me towards him. My eyes closed….and so it began.

But you, Mianmian, where did you sleep last night? I’d like to know.


Blog — Ume Freiman, December 16, 2008 @ 10:40 pm

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