Dream Umbrellas: a special project by Man Michinaga, Gazira Babeli and Second Front for RMB City

“Dream Umbrellas”
a special project by Man Michinaga, Gazira Babeli and Second Front for RMB City

Part of “Play with Your Triennale”
by Cao Fei (SL: China Tracy) and RMB City for Yokohama Triennale 2008

RMB City is pleased to announce a special project by pioneering Second Life artists (SL:) Man Michinaga and Gazira Babeli and performing art group Second Front entitled “Dream Umbrellas.”

In this project, these guest artists turn the typical protective nature of an umbrella inside out, investigating an umbrella as a container rather than a shield. The artists will create a number of umbrellas harboring their dreams inside, and ask the general public to contribute their dreams – each one that is chosen will receive a custom-made umbrella in return, as well as have their concepts posted on the RMB City blog.

To participate, simply visit the People’s Worksite in RMB City to test out the demo umbrellas, then send a note of your personal dreams – with your name or anonymously – to Man Michinaga. Selected participants will be given a personal umbrella with their dreams inside, and all dreams will be published on the RMB City blog (please withhold your name if you wish it to be anonymous).

In Second Life: RMB City: People’s Worksite, RMB City 2 (221, 196, 21)
http://slurl.com/secondlife/RMB City 2/221/196/21/

Guest Artist Bio:

Patrick Lichty is a New Media artist of over 18 years, Co-Founder of the virtual performance art group Second Front, and animator for the activist group, The Yes Men. He is also a Professor of Interactive Media Arts & Design at Columbia College, Chicago.

Gazira Babeli is an artist and member for Second Front who lives and works in the virtual world of Second Life, where she was born on 31 March 2006. Like all inhabitants of virtual worlds, she is an identity construction known as an avatar, but unlike them, she does not acknowledge the presence of a “human” controlling her.

Second Front is a pioneering performance art collective operating in virtual worlds, and primarily in Second Life. Spanning the globe from San Francisco to Milan, Italy, Second Front creates spectacles and actions which are in the spirit of Dada, Fluxus and late 20th Century Performance Art. Additional members include: Bibbe Hansen, Doug Jarvis, Yael Gilks, Liz Solo, Scott Kildall (a.k.a. Great Escape)

About RMB City (www.rmbcity.com)

RMB City is a virtual art community in the online world of Second Life, initiated by Beijing artist Cao Fei (SL: China Tracy) as a public platform for creativity. Opening in late 2008, it will continue to grow and change over its two-year run, with the participation and support of leading international art institutions and networks. The city is a laboratory for experiments in art, design, architecture, literature, cinema, economy, society, and beyond

For more information, please contact: press@rmbcity.com
Landmark in Second Life: RMB City 1 (130, 123, 140)
http://slurl.com/secondlife/RMB City 2/130/123/140/

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