Dream Umbrella

Umbrella, a daily commodity that we basically get in touch during every rainy seasons, inspires Man Michinaga, Gazira Babeli and Second Front to create there special project for RMB City, which is also part of Play wirth your Triennale project.

We usuaully only pay attention to what is outside of the umbrella – rain, sandstorms, UV rays – things we want to get rid of and have a confronting relationship with us. Yet the Dream Umbrella is a container rather than a shield. It creates a space that we would rather immerse in.
Participants who are interested can send their dreams to Man Michinaga, and they may have an unbrella that is exclusively designed by the artists of this project. To know about more details, see here

Blog — Nokan Vlodovic, December 2, 2008 @ 3:44 am

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