Institution Opening: UCCA in RMB City: Virtual “Christian Dior and Chinese Artists”

Institution Opening: UCCA in RMB City: Virtual “Christian Dior & Chinese Artists” (opening 6pm Jan 9, SLT)
Venue: UCCA in RMB City (People’s Aerial Castle, RMB City 2 (196, 56, 113))
More information about project:

Ullens Center for Contemporary Arts opens their futuristic virtual museum space in RMB City with a virtual view of their exhibition “Christian Dior & Chinese Artists”, held at UCCA (Beijing) from Nov 2008-Jan 2009.


About this first exhibition in UCCA – People’s Aerial Castle:

The video on view in the space has been created on the occasion of this exhibition, and gives a 3D tour through the installations.

Video credits: Creative Direction: Alexandre de Betak
Production: Bureau Betak

About UCCA – People’s Aerial Castle in RMB City:

“UCCA exists not only within its walls but as well outside in Beijing and wants to develop projects, collaborations in China and in the world. UCCA has no limited territories, whether they are real or virtual. That is why Cao Fei’s project RMB City means a lot for us. Second Life is a major step toward the future developments of virtual worlds, and will have core consequences for the future of internet exchange and the sharing of information. RMB City is a new model of collecting and communicating on contemporary art and artists in the virtual world. UCCA is happy to be at the forefront of the virtual museum experience.” – Jerome Sans, Curator of UCCA

About the RL Exhibition:

Dior, in partnership with Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, brought glamours and celebrities from across the world to the red carpet gala dinner held on 15th May, 2008 to mark the opening of the “Christian Dior and Chinese Artists” exhibition.

20 Chinese commissioned artists were presented at this important event, which symbolized the opening of a dialogue between two different means of expression, contemporary art and fashion. They were Wang Du (王度), Zhang Huan (張洹), Huang Rui (黃銳), Li Songsong (李鬆鬆), Zhang Dali (張大力), Xu Zhongmin (許仲敏), Liu Jianhua (劉建華), Lu Hao (盧昊), Wang Qingsong (王慶松), Yan Lei (顏磊), Zhang Xiaogang, (張曉剛),Wen Fang (文芳), Shi Jingsong (史金凇), Wang Gongxin (王功新), Shi Xiaofan (時曉凡), Liu Wei (劉韡), Rong Rong & Inri (榮榮和映裡), Tim Yip (葉錦添), Qiu Zhijie (邱志傑) and Ma Yangsong (馬岩松).

Over one hundred Dior Couture pieces were sent directly from Paris to exhibit at the UCCA, among which includes the “New Look” which is one of the most influential Couture piece in the history of fashion, designed by Mr. Christian Dior (1095 – 1957) in 1947. After years of variations, the exhibition combines contemporary Chinese art pieces inspired by Dior’s most prominent codes, such as Tailleur bar, Façade avenue Montaigne, Dior perfume, Lady Dior, and portrait of Mr. Christian Dior etc., with Couture pieces designed by Dior Couture ingenious Artistic Director, Mr. John Galliano.

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