Master Q’s Guide to Virtual Feng Shui: a special project by Huang He


Master Q’s Guide to Virtual Feng Shui: a special project by Huang He for RMB City
Opening January 9, 6pm, SecondLife Time
January 10, 10am, Beijing Time (the most auspicious hour)

In this special project coinciding with the opening of RMB City, young Guangzhou-based artist Huang He extends feng shui, a system based on three-dimensional spatial reality, into RMB City where space is compressed into folds on a flat screen, and its only genealogy is the cohesion among pixels. Therefore Huang He ‘s virtual feng shui project looks more like a rupture than a continuity.

Traditional feng shui pays high respect to harmony, a pre-supposed optimum in which displeasure is avoided and pleasure is obtained, just as in Freud’s pleasure theory. But the harmonic ideal also indicates that too much pleasure will become tension that is turned into pain, and that people should not chase pleasures limitlessly. In the virtual world (where typical physical harm is not a concern), we say we don’t mind taking risks to pursue jouissance (unlimited pleasure and freedom). How then do we maximize the comfort or safety of the “people” in a virtual space? Or should this even be the goal at all? Through Huang He’s project, we may even back to the origin and ask: what is well-being? What is comfortable? What is a space?

Venue: Start at map in People’s Palace (RMB City Hall, aka Sigg Castle, RMB City 1 (153, 32,126))
SLURL: City 1/153/32/126/
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Download English press release here

Artist Bio: Huang He (aka Master Q, SL: queenShoe Voom)
Huang He was born in 1985 in Guangzhou, and is a graduate from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. The young artist is characterized by her intrusion of unique understandings of Chinese culture, especially religions and feng shui, into her artistic practices. Huang He is also graphic designer of several Vitamin Creative Space publications.

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