Mayor Project: 1st Value of UliSigg Cisse


The first mayor of RMB City Ulisigg Cisse (RL: ULi Sigg) gave RMB ‘s citizens his first value, this mayor who claimed that “I would certainly be an excellent mayor, but I am born lazy” and thinks that an Utopia should be “Sinoswisszurichbeijing – situated in the Alps but with Chinese food, and no avatar with more than one vote”, surely will make alterations to RMB. It is exciting to see what RMB City will look like after his three-month term of office. This value is a little step for the changes of our city, what ‘s up next?

As one of the RMB members, I am expecting our mayors to fulfil his/her responsobility (probably in a way that I have never seen, although repetition is a mutation too):

– Hold a “Town Hall Meeting” in City Hall on a monthly basis, listen to the needs from the RMB citizens

– Select two noteworthy residents and visitors of RMB City as “Honored Citizens” every month

– Make a new rule for his/ her successor

– Make a visit to a specific venue in RMB City and make an offering there that will be kept through his/ her term of office

– Arrange at least one event at the place where SL feng shui master Huang He (SL: Queenshoe Voom) suggested

Mayor! Jia You!

Blog — Miniature Tigerpaw, February 2, 2009 @ 2:34 am
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