Will the real China Tracy please stand up?


For the experimental Interview Marathon in RMB City on March 20, the avatar of China Tracy jogged, walked, and flew alongside HansUlrichObrist Magic and JuliaPeytonJones Popstar… but who was China Tracy, really? It’s finally time to reveal the truth.

The original interview concept:

To fully utilize the possibilities of an interview in Second Life, and to touch on the issues of virtual representation vs. reality that RMB City project seeks to explore, the concept is a sort of “Interview Marathon” — or rather a “relay race”. The avatars HansUlrichObrist Magic and JuliaPeytonJones Popstar will be chatting with the avatar China Tracy, but who knows who is really behind the keyboard? For this event, China Tracy will temporarily become “the People’s Avatar”, a psychic medium channeling multiple voices and visions. In the space of 1 hour, several participants will be “playing” China Tracy (the full list will be revealed after the performance), passing the digital mask of her avatar on just as an Olympic Torch is passed from one runner’s hand to the next. The resulting dialogue may form a sort of exquisite corpse, with China Tracy the literal (virtual?) body, and challenge conceptions of identity, performance, and narrative. The event will be documented as an episode of RMB-TV, a new conceptual platform to examine RMB City as theatrical stage. In a world where nothing is real, isn’t everyone an imposter?

So, without further ado, the speakers channeled by China Tracy’s avatar were…

Hu Fang (SL: HuFang Scribe, creative advisor to RMB City)
Uli Sigg (SL: UliSigg Cisse, 1st Mayor of RMB City)
Alan Lau (friend of RMB City, may hold “high office” in RMB City soon…)
Mian Mian (SL: MianMian Sorbet, writer and artist of the “Love Letter to an Avatar” project)
Huang He (SL: queenshoe Voom, aka “Master Q,” RMB City’s own Feng Shui Master)

It was a bit of a crazy experience, juggling phones, keyboards, and timezones from Paris to Hong Kong, but in the end, an amazing interaction. Many many thanks to all the participants — it wouldn’t have been such a fantastic, surreal dialogue without you!

Full interview transcript coming soon…

Blog — Miniature Tigerpaw, March 23, 2009 @ 1:10 am

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