Matching Games: Who is China Tracy?

Last time we already revealed that China Tracy that showed up at the “marathon-dialogue” that take place in RMB City, was actually five people who are:

Hu Fang (SL: HuFang Scribe, creative advisor to RMB City),
Uli Sigg (SL: UliSigg Cisse, 1st Mayor of RMB City),
Alan Lau (friend of RMB City, may hold “high office” in RMB City soon…),
Mian Mian (SL: MianMian Sorbet, writer and artist of the “Love Letter to an Avatar” project),
Huang He (SL: queenshoe Voom, aka “Master Q,” RMB City’s own Feng Shui Master).

Let’s try to match the following texts which are the transcripts of the Marathon discourse on March 20, 2009 (the day of RMB’s installation in Serpentin Gallery) with the above-metioned people who played the role China Tracy on that day.
(Note: all the lines said by “You” are actually spoken by China Tracy)

[3:16] You: what you have seen here is part of the outcome after the opening of RMB City
[3:16] Hansulrichobrist Magic: as Dieter Roth said EVERYTHING the magazine of everything
[3:16] You: there have been different kind of cultural activities which are shaping the new life in rmb city

[3:19] You: daily life becomes the way that revolution exists
[3:19] Hansulrichobrist Magic: Lyotard did les Immateriaux after that he wanted to do a show on Resistance it remained unrealised
[3:19] Hansulrichobrist Magic: RESISTANCE IN SECOND LIFE
[3:19] JuliaPeytonJones Popstar: Revolve daily life
[3:20] Hansulrichobrist Magic: can Second Life be Resistance?
[3:20] You: for a revolutionary means of transport, do you want to try to fly?

3:25] Hansulrichobrist Magic: China Tracy are we a community
[3:26] Hansulrichobrist Magic: production of communicy
[3:26] Hansulrichobrist Magic: community production reality production
[3:26] Hansulrichobrist Magic: China Tracy did your identity change
[3:26] You: Don’t do things that I would not do
[3:26] Hansulrichobrist Magic: What does freedom mean
[4:04] Hansulrichobrist Magic: what is knowledge
[4:04] You: fabricated experience.
[4:04] Hansulrichobrist Magic: is RMB City art for all?
[4:05] You: it seems like it is…
[4:05] Hansulrichobrist Magic: what is RMB Citys relaton to the market?
[4:05] Hansulrichobrist Magic: it feels urgent that we have decommodified institutions
[4:05] Hansulrichobrist Magic: can RMB City be a decommodified CITY
[4:05] You: it doesn’t seem like it makes a lot of money..

3:55] You: we are chinese, we don’t talk about political things — we just do it.
[3:56] Hansulrichobrist Magic: anything else you would like to say
[3:56] Hansulrichobrist Magic: where is criticality to be found today

[3:56] Hansulrichobrist Magic: Warhol or Beuys?
[3:56] You: To marry Hans Ulrich!
[3:56] Steve Memotech is Online
[3:56] You: marry to Hans Ulrich in 3rd live
[3:57] You: life

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