RMB City @ Socially Active: An exhibition of interactive artworks exploring contemporary sociality

24 April – 30 May 2009

Aram Bartholl, Cao Fei, Rafael Lozano‐Hemmer, Paul Notzold,
Thomson and Craighead

Curated by:
Rachael Baum, Vivian So Hyun Choi, Helena Copsey, Sue‐Na Gay,
Grace Zihua Lu, Sara Taylor


Socially Active
is an exhibition that consists entirely of interactive artworks, which aim to explore and
question the effect that modern technologies have had on contemporary sociality.
Socially Active will present works by internationally renowned artists;
Aram Bartholl, Cao Fei, Rafael Lozano­Hemmer, Paul Notzold and Thomson and Craighead. In addition to the interactive
artworks in the gallery, please join us by participating in a series of events such as film screenings,
talks, Flash Mobs and multiplayer gaming nights.

By encouraging visitors to interact and communicate with each other through the artworks,
Socially Active will transform the gallery into a vibrant social space. Functioning as a hub for a
network of events and interactions, Socially Active will reach well beyond the physical confines of the
gallery. Visitors can shape and contribute to the exhibition in a variety of ways, both physical and
digital. User created content is encouraged within the gallery. Visitors can also upload, access and
discuss their experiences on our website.

With the emergence of new social technologies people are able to connect and communicate with each
other in faster and more efficient ways than ever before.

Socially Active
is inspired by the debate that
surrounds the use of these technologies, for example the growing popularity of social networking sites
such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.

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