Save the Date:Portrait of Self-Exile(Part 1) @ The Shop

Portrait of Self-Exile(Part 1)

Opening: 4pm, 11th April (sat.) 2009
Location: the shop

Performance: Lee Kit, Knowles Eddy Knowles

You will encounter these art works in Portrait of Self-Exile(Part 1):
Pak Sheung Chuen: Lost in Torino
Duan Jianyu: On the path to silent, I meet a rabbit
Cao Fei: Nu (Anger)
Heman Chong: Star (Imploded)
Chu Yun: Black Label
Hu Xiangqian: Sun
Zhou Tao: Obstacle
Xu Tan: Keywords—Life, Existence, Survival
Zheng Guogu: Punishment of illegal land use
Koki Tanaka: How to Draw a Line On the Road

the shop
Address:B1-1503, Building 15, Jianwai SOHO,39 East 3rd-Ring Rd.,Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100022, China,Tel/Fax:0086-10-59004374
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Portrait of Self-Exile begins loosely from a re-reading of Jack Kerouac’s The Dharma Bums; this thread is allowed its errantry, its errancy. Last summer British artist Sigrid Holmwood’s traveled to a hippie community in the Western United States and her resultant group of paintings manifests a shade of Dharma Bums existing in today’s world. At the same moment, Pak Sheung Chuen wandered the environs of Torino, Italy, trying to lose his bearings. Chu Yun had his friend bring up his nearly empty reserve bottle of “Black Label” whiskey from Shenzhen to Beijing, and the remaining contents were consumed. The normal course of daily events was detoured with subtle maneuvers by Koki Tanaka. Xu Tan’s Keywords school picked up the recurrent and the granted that lay in our ordinary language. For the duration of summer, Hu Xianqian’s naked body absorbed the Southern sun, darkening languidly on a dilapidated porch.
These and other occurrences may co-exist but take co-existence as a condition to test; not with a declaration but through everyday engagement. To impose exile on oneself is a manner of opening up another space, and searching for alternative ways of life, of measuring the various depths (or volumes, or scales) of alternatives. The individual who begins this gesture does so from his or her own position, thereby plotting a portrait.
Portrait of Self-Exile, loose and divergent, comes together, depositing a new geological layer on the shifting terrain of the shop, under Jianwai SOHO.

A reading event of the Chinese translation of Jack Kerouac’s The Dharma Bums will be arranged to take place in the shop in May, and is conducted by Yan Jun. Please check back for further news.

Note: Portrait of Self-Exile (Part 2) will be open at Vitamin in Guangzhou from June to September 2009.
There will be a book launch of 2 new books published by Vitamin in CIGE:
1. Battery City: A Post-Olympic Beijing Mini Marathon (Conducted by Hans Ulrich Obrist);
2. Master Q’s Guide to Virtual Feng Shui (a special project by Huang He for RMB City)

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