My People’s Limbo, part 4, the redemptive foot massage




In my people’s Limbo 3 I finally managed to find a job and I’m now knight-errant of RMB City, which is still quite an uncertain definition but basically means to protect our city from abusers and use the power of creativity and fantasy to build a better society.

On my path towards salvation and redemption there’re still some steps to climb and some errors to be mended: I fly from the worksite towards the fourth People’s Limbo location, in the massage parlor of RMB City People’s Palace, the central city hall of our virtual town (RMB City 1 156, 25, 154 (Mature)).

I lie down on a luxurious sofa and while glancing through the magnificent interiors of this palace, its Chinese paintings and porcelain vases I doze off and imagine that my spiritual guide, in the guise of Dante’s Virgilio is giving me a very relaxing foot massage:

Virgilio: What brings you here, my dear Gianna? You look tensed and worried.
Me: To be honest, I need treatment, I want to wash my sins away and start anew, everybody has his own part of responsibility in this shaky economical situation and I want to take this burden and fight to mend my mistakes
Virgilio: The acupuncture flux cannot be wrong…I feel greed and superficiality in your body.
Me: I suppose I’ve been slightly lazy in the past few months and rested on my laurels
Virgilio: That’s what your body’s telling me, do you feel pain here, right below you large toe?
Me: Ouch! Yes, God if it hurts!
Virgilio: You should always nurture your mind and creativity, laziness is a bad and dangerous thing, especially in times of crisis and uncertainty.

I suddenly wake up, I’m alone in the room, my muscles are less tensed and one sentence keeps whirring round my head “O human race born to fly upward, wherefore at a little wind dost thou fall”…I need to atone for my past mistakes and find my way towards redemption.

Blog — Gianna Yebut, July 6, 2009 @ 1:04 am

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