‘People’s Limbo 7’ On-line platforms and the risk of misinformation


At this stage of my ‘limbo’ journey, after numerous adventures and new encounters I decide to take a rest and fly towards the seventh location of ‘People’s Limbo’ inside ‘People’s Tower’.

Up to this point, I’ve learned many lessons: I’ve learned how to fight laziness and committed myself to maintaining the good harmony of my city, I’ve found a job and brought new hope through the arms of freedom and creativity, and I’ve finally learned how to re-equilibrate my internal Qi, because the only way to solve problems in the outside is by re-harmonizing our internal rhythm.


I fly inside ‘People’s Tower’ (RMB City 3 179, 186, 88 (Mature)- RMB City 3) and let myself fall down the long tunnel conducting to the main hall (fellow avatars will notice the weird similarities with Alice’s journey to ‘another world’).
The place is actually an information centre whith newspapers and journals suddenly popping up in the air and surrounding your avatar with unexpected and, I must say, quite aggressive piece of information, from the recent economical crisis to the historical event of Beijing Olympic games and even some political propaganda.
I’m sure this place conceals some hidden meanings and I start to think about journalism, news and the role of information.


When does journalism go beyond news?
Where’s the limit between information and sensationalism, or between information and propaganda?
Does a neutral and objective journalism even exist or is it always conditioned by personal opinions and perspectives? How has information and communication changed with the advent of technology and on-line platforms?
In a digital era when anybody can write on a blog and comment current events and news, how can we distinguish between reliable and non-reliable sources of information?
Does this multiplication of sources grow at the expense of clearer and more in-depth journalism?
Carmelo Bene, a contemporary and controversial Italian director, used to say that information doesn’t ‘inform OF facts’ but ‘inform FACTS’ (playing on the original Latin significance of the verb ‘inform’, which literally means ‘to form, to shape’).

SL and virtual platforms are to be used with special caution, as an immense pool of knowledge, creativity and inspiration but always aware of their potential for misinformation and myths.

Blog — Gianna Yebut, August 17, 2009 @ 1:29 am

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