People’s Stadium vs. Bird’s Nest

birdnest1Crazy that just a simple annoucement in newspaper got thousands of people rushing to Bird’s Nest. Granted, the news started with a vague article from the authoritative Xinhua News Agency saying parts of the Olympic Park is open to public for free; which is then widely (mis)quoted as “Bird’s Nest and Water Cube is open to public for free for a week, to celebrate the one year anniversary of the BJ Olympics”.

While many are frustrated by this particular incidence, overall, the Bird Nest seems to hold up extremely well as a tourist spot after the Olympics. Didnt become “ghost towns” like stadiums in Athens and other Olympic cities. RMB50 entrance fee is not cheap; but its also not prohibitive, at least not for those who came to BJ especially for it.

PS – the People’s Stadium in RMB City is free, all year round! Come!

Blog — Alan, August 8, 2009 @ 4:37 am

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