Third mayor’s new speech (the official report)


New mayor SuperConcierge Cristole

China Tracy (+China Sun), RMB City project manager Zilla Warrhol, new mayor SuperConcierge Cristole

China Tracy (+China Sun), RMB City project manager Zilla Warrhol, new mayor SuperConcierge Cristole

Last Sunday (Beijing time) our newly appointed mayor Jerome Sans (SL: SuperConcierge Cristole) gave his inauguration speech. Surrounded by a festive crowd of extravagant avatars here’s what he proposed for the future management of RMB City:

“Hello RMB City citizen!
I am honored to be appointed Mayor of Timeless RMB city and be part of this challenging art project part of the Second Life world. What a wonderful city where art can make temporary mayors with personal proposals? This is quite something since I am starting this 3 months mission the day of my birthday, August 2nd.

I am a man of adventure and being the mayor of RMB city is such a special one. So special that I want to honor my duty as mayor in the most caring and useful way possible. As if RMB city citizens where all residents of a 5 stars hotel, I am delighted to be at their service. As RMB City mayor, I offer to act as Super Concierge.

That means, I don’t want to look at your questions from afar, I don’t want to be secluded in my own official office, my own universe and take decisions that would be disconnected from your concerns. I want to serve all your needs. I want to make sure that all citizens of RMB City, can create, be inspired and enjoy their time in this city, in the best possible conditions, receiving creative insights, new ideas and full support from my end.

During my three months mandate, I would like to create and interact with you, I would like to gather knowledge from you and help you to grow and develop your projects. I wish that together we can create a dynamic community where new ideas can emerge and shake our lives.

In a word, I want to make your every day virtuality a total success, a complete experience”.




Our new mayor will have a station in RMB City where anyone can go and leave him his requests and questions: as a super concierge he will satisfy your curiosities and help old and new friends of RMB City to integrate into the community.

We all warmly welcome our new mayore Jerome/SuperConcierge!

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