RMB City at ‘Utopics’ exhibition, Switzerland


RMB City takes part in the 11th Swiss Sculpture Exhibition in Bienne (August 30-October 25, 2009): ‘Utopics, Systems and Landmarks’ presents 50 installations and interventions all throughout the Swiss town of Biel/Bienne created by artists, idealists, dreamers and thinkers from all around the world.


More's Utopia

The idea of ‘utopia’ dates back to 1516 when English humanist Thomas More published his fictional work on a new and ideal form of society: originally meaning a ‘no-place-land’, the term have been stretched and often confused all throughout the centuries with the term eu-topia, meaning ‘good place’ and it is related to terms such as ‘dystopia’, ‘counter-utopia’ and ‘heterotopy’.

Esperanto flag

Esperanto flag

Ranging from interesting and heterogeneous interventions, from the linguistic dream of a common language, the Esperanto, to some civic and community experiments, the exhibition mixes real and fictional worlds and is meant to detect the common urges, criticism and dreams underlying the search for a ‘different place’.

Freetown Christiania, Copenghagen

Freetown Christiania, Copenghagen

At the base of any utopian desires there’s a very concrete and tangible criticism of the contemporary society, of some political, social and artistic situations, sometimes it becomes a real escapist way of believing in a ‘better place’ sometimes it is just an intense and magical spell allowing human mind to go over its limits and possibilities…quite distinctly human imagination is the only element ‘utopianly’ without boundaries in life.

Our virtual SL world of RMB City is a perfect case of ‘no-place-land’ and I like to think of this second life of ours as an immense platform for imagination, hopes and spiritual renewal.

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