‘Fashions of China Tracy’ in New York for ICP


Fashions of China Tracy‘, the photo shoot recently commissioned by Modern Weekly magazine becomes part of  ‘Dress Codes’, the third ICP Triennial of Photography and Video in New York:

This year New York major exhibition focuses on the theme of FASHION and presents a wide range of projects relating to this ‘minor art’ and its connection with other artistic media and cultural phenomena.

Exhibiting over 100 recent works by 34 artists from 18 countries, ‘Dress Codes’ explores the realm of fashion as an artistic expression and a sociological manifestation.
As a multilayered language, infused with cultural, anthropological, historical and social meanings, clothes, apparels and accessories define one’s external identity and contribute to the construction of one’s social self.


ICP created its own charming avatar for the show, a beautiful and intriguing ICP Seda, who, through in-gallery computer stations, presents China’s Tracy costumes in the world or RMB City.

The event, and specifically China Tracy’s project, even received some attention by one of the most preeminent US cultural magazine, The New Yorker, and appeared in the ‘Talk of the Town’ section of last October 12 issue:


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