Semi-serious account of Torino trip nov-2009


Mix a bunch of 100% Chinese, some Cantonese, some half-castes, some Italians and some foreigners; place them on the most postmodern theatrical stage in the heart of ancient historical Torino, add a bit of virtuality, some superheroes and some ‘yan ban xi’ outmoded costumes and TURN ON THE FOOTLIGHTS!…


November 7, 2009, A rainy night in the Northwest of Italy
Audience: ‘RMBCity Opera’ is the only performance repeating twice in Artissima theatre program…it must be quite interesting, tough very bizarre…
RMB City: we must test the CCTV model on the Astra Theatre stage…where the bloody hell are Superman and Superwoman?…
Voice-off: …having some pizza in the nearby…
Neo: I’ve taken the red pill, Trinity, and now I think I’ve stepped out of the glass into a new vivid reality where people eat REAL food (mainly ‘spaghetti’ and ‘pizza’) and build REAL houses and monuments…
Audience: What’s this weird ballet about? They look like robots in old-fashioned military costumes…
RMB City (with trained voice): “Perhaps it was a mad dislocation of the times and the body: revolution and ballet, revolutionary model and consumption – these taught the toe love and hate”
Voice-off:…China Tracy is backstage trying to seduce some lighting technicians! Somebody go and get her!!!
Cao Fei: Here it goes again: the snobby lunatic is unleashed…no way to stop her now! Batman, go and get her with your superpower!
Voice-off: …also having some pizza in the nearby…
Cao Fei: :-@!This world is a mess! Let’s close the doors, turn off the lights and login to SL!
Audience: Bravo!
…Neo: “Whoa. Déjà vu.”





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