Avatar escapes from SL!




This is the story of Siddharta Marabana, a charming, Indian avatar from the magical virtual lands of RMB City, 1 151, 34, 127 (Mature), Second Life Grid.

Born in 2008, Siddharta, now 32 years old, spent his own life in the grid and most of his hours sitting and praying in front of the Buddha statue in RMB City.

Two weeks ago he ‘quitted’ SL and never logged in back. He left life with this note:

“Dear Father Linden, dear Marx, China and affectionate friends of this life, I suddenly had some blurred memories of my previous lives. Of stations, loudspeakers and flowery valleys framed in train windows, long journeys, long waitings, shaking hands and mixed smells. I hope you will forgive me for my extreme decision but I’ve chosen to cut the rope and never come back. After a few days musing I finally realized what these dreamy flashbacks were about and I felt an irresistible desire to TRAVEL…and I don’t mean teleporting or flying, I felt an uncontrollable urge to cover distances in time, to venture into unknown places, touch the freezing wooden arms of Indian trains and smell their dusty, stale air. You’ve been everything to me, you gave me birth, love, freebies and much more but I want to step beyond…I would DIE in this new world, suffer sicknesses, have food indigestions and probably sneeze all the time but I’ll be free, free from constrictions and free to roam the world…this time I won’t knock against your invisible walls, Father, this time I’ll simply walk wherever I want. Love, S.”





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