Doppelgänger Exhibit, The National Portrait Gallery, Second Life

Andrew Burrell 'Temporary Self Portrait, in Preparation for the Singularity'

Andrew Burrell, "Temporary self portrait, in preparation for the singularity"


Exhibitiona main hall

Gazira Babeli, "iGods"

Gazira Babeli, "iGods"

Cao Fei, "iMirror"

Cao Fei, "iMirror"

Nash-Dodds-Clemens, "Autoscopia"

Nash-Dodds-Clemens, "Autoscopia"


Patrick Lichty, "CodePortraits"

What better place for presenting the theme of doubles and replicas than the heterotopic (namely ‘other place’) world of SL?
Inaugurated last October and running through the 23rd March 2010, Doppelgänger features works from seven SL and media artists, from Cao Fei to Gazira Babeli, from Patrick Lichty (aka Man Michinaga) to Andrew Burrell (aka Nonnatus Korhonen) to the trio Adam Nash (aka Adam Ramona), Christopher Dodds (aka Christo Kayo), and Justin Clemens (aka Jack Shoreland).
Exploring the theme of multiple identities, the exhibition is a voyage into the realm of digital online spaces as an escapist and mirroring image of our reality. Every artist represents his personal ‘portrait’ of the contemporary Doppelgänger figures in our digitalized era, virtual doubles reflecting a slightly distorted image of our ‘real selves’.
On these spaces and on these alternative lives we project dreams, expectations, insecurities and desires, exaggerated, surreal or fantastic versions of ourselves that don’t ultimately depart so much from our ‘real’ identity(-ies).
Utopia of a world where you never grow old, your skin is always bright and smooth, your jobs interesting and adventurous, I wonder how many of you would sell their souls to make their avatars ageing instead of them…

For more info on exhibition and artists:
Gazira Babeli (
Patrick Lichty (
Andrew Burrell (

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