Can you walk on the water?


What is this urge to challenge our natural and physical limitations?
A need of taming a way too scary and powerful nature?
The evolution of species?
Philosophy in its core meaning = ‘love of wisdom’?
An innate pulse for transgression, or an act of hubris against the God(s)?


An amazing video on ‘liquid mountaineering’ has been drawing the crowds in YouTube and made our hearts pound for a moment.

Through this new groundbreaking action sport, its pioneers claim to be able to actually run on the water, and as a proof of its authenticity they posted this video on YouTube where they actually run on the surface of a mountain lake.
The whole idea behind it is of course nothing but a very cunning advertising campaign promoting a new brand of waterproof sneakers.


run on the water_001

A smart move playing on the natural instinct to overcome our limits and become our own God, like Jesus in the Gospels or any common avatars in SL.

walk on the water_002

walk on the water_003

Blog — Gianna Yebut, May 20, 2010 @ 1:32 am

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