Film Screening at YBCA, San Francisco

"Birth of RMB City"

"Birth of RMB City"

"People's Limbo in RMB City"

“People’s Limbo in RMB City”
"Live in RMB City"

"Live in RMB City"

Cao Fei: RMB City

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. San Francisco, CA

Oct 14, 2010 – Jan 9, 2011

” Child: “Mother, is life here lonely?”

Mother: “Do you know what lonely means?”

Child: “Lonely is when I am here but mother is not online.”

Child: “Mother, am I unique?”

Mother: “Each real being is one of a kind; they are each unique and cannot be substituted. But here, we can clone ourselves or allow others to manage our lives. Sometimes, we encounter the threat of hackers or even destruction. We are not in complete control of our own lives.”

Child: “Mother, mother, which one am I?” (“Live in RMB City”, 2009)

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