RMB City 5th Mayor-Inauguration Ceremony

A bunch of curious citizens met today in People’s Playground to welcome RMB city 5th Mayor Supernova Sibilant. Clad in her shining armor, this new dauntless heroine of the new millennium set the city off on its final journey.

As a tribute to the upcoming metamorphosis of the city, Supernova inspired a playground and a place for the dying as both ‘sites of eternal reinvention’.

“We gather to honor cycles, …I believe our destiny will stretch our imaginations. In ancient China, imagination meant to take a journey in your mind – a play, a dream or the afterlife offered the cultural spaces for such journeys. Today, we honor RMB City as that site for our imagination to roam in its most delirious capacity”.

The audience, intrigued by her insightful words, reacted in contrasting ways: some burst into ovations of excitement ♪♪♫♫♫APPPPLLLAAAUUSSSEEEE♪♪♪♫♫♫, some felt provoked by her words and left the stage, some chose to meditate in silence, floating in midair.

We then all moved to a magic tarot carpet, picked a card and scattered around the island in search of our destiny: whether teleported to the city’s graveyard or to the enigmatic half-moon dangling from the sky, all of us had to face our own fate and decipher the code of our SL existence.

We now invite you all to travel the island in search of your destiny and share your stories with us. A letter box will also be placed in RMB City to satisfy your insatiable curiosity and leave messages to the new mayor Supernova.

Stay tuned for more information and welcome our new captain Supernova Sibilant!

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