Supernova’s Inauguration Speech

Full speech of the 5th RMB City Mayor, Supernova Sibilant:

December 13, 2010, Second Life

Welcome to RMB City Playground. We gather to honor cycles.

First, we honor the cycle of a new mayoral term for RMB City. I believe our destiny will stretch our imaginations. In ancient China, imagination meant to take a journey in your mind – a play, a dream or the afterlife offered the cultural spaces for such journeys. Today, we honor RMB City as that site for our imagination to roam in its most delirious capacity.
Second, we honor the cycle of life and death. As mayor, I bring you a children’s playground and a place for the dying. Sites for eternal reivention. Sites for imagination.

Of course, you think there is no childhood and no death in Second Life. Is that so?
Finally, we honor the cycle of RMB City. This invention was originally conceived as a two-year experimental platform, a creative incubator of sorts. Though the RMB City artworks will of course live on, Cao Fei has always intended to close the city in Second Life in late spring/early summer 2011.
Now, I will show you a new way to tour RMB City. Come watch as I choose my destiny with the Tarot.

Tarot Card II The Popess Master Q The mystical repository of a secret and ancient world’s balance, she combines body and mind and through a silent and mysterious language, she guides you towards the right current

Tarot Card V The Pope Mao The supreme master of education and improvement, he guides his herd of believers towards progress through belief in sacrifice and a glorious common fate

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