Surf in RMB City

First wanderings of the meditating monk amongst the remains of a submerged RMB City

First reactions of the intrepid players at the Museum of Moving Image:

‘Surf in RMB City’ is an interactive skimboard game developed by RMB City.

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Surf in RMB City

Interactive Skimboard Game
Opening celebration
RMB City Hall, SL Time: Thursday January 13, 2011, 4pm

An intrepid meditating monk surfs amongst the remains of a once famous town.
He glides over the relics of a flooded RMB City, facing obstacles of all sorts.
In a post-disaster landscape, seemingly made from colour handwritings, this surfing journey is a thoroughly planned, fully conscious full-length drama with all the dramatic conflict pre-planned and built in, or an interactive movie where each player picks her own paths.
If what we are gliding over is not a wave but the remnants of this city, a building, or an event, or even if what we are gliding over is civilization itself, or ideology, then this surfing journey really is a slightly different, game version of RMB City itself.
The monk-avatar, his heart at ease, his board light, constantly overcomes the obstacles but never reaches anything resembling a final destination.
Similar to certain phenomena in life, throughout constant elevation of the soul through transmigration, RMB City Surfing Game guides the player through a journey of self-cultivation.

To play the game in Real Life, please visit Cao Fei’s installation in the exhibit “Real Virtuality” at the Museum of the Moving Image, New York, opening January 15th, 2011. More information can be found here:

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