RMB City Citizenship:

Your City is Mine
My City is Yours

“There are no nationalities or borders here; we are all world citizens in a future world where everyone lives his second life and creates his own values.” — China Tracy

“I, take you RMB City, to be my City in my second life.
I will cherish our belief and adore you today, tomorrow, and future;
I will honor you and be proud of you;
I will grow with you and prosper with you.
I will love you faithfully,
through the real and the virtual,
through the being and the nothingness.
What may come I will always teleport there.

As I have given you my heart to hold,
so I give you my second life to keep,
so take me RMB City.”

RMB City: Do you so promise?
Avatar_______ : I do.

The City Hall of RMB City, Second Life


Calling all good citizens! Would you like to get involved in RMB City? We are looking for creative and knowledgeable SecondLife volunteers to help with many aspects of the city.

To apply to be a volunteer, please fill out the following information and email to:

admin, May 26, 2009 @ 3:50 am